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HP Deskjet 3920 Color Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet 3900 Series full driver

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HP Deskjet 3920 Color Inkjet Printer – Software and Drivers


Deskjet 3900 Series software solution

Release details

File name: 3900_enu_win2k_xp.exe

Released: Sep 19, 2005

Version: 60.051.641


File Size : 45.42 Mb

Fix and Enhancements
FEAD compression on the original web-downloads required a user to have at least 128MB of RAM to unpack. This release fixes that by lowering the RAM requirement to 64MB which matches the box specs.


16 thoughts on “Hp Deskjet 3920 Driver”

    • @Ayush – Having the same problem compatibility issue only works for windows 10. The printer system req. is win xp. If you find any solution please message me. Thanks

      • ola @Ayush, para utilizar software de outra versao utilize a compatibilidade do sistema, clicando com o botão direito sobre o arquivo exe em seguida compatibilidade,marque a opcao executar em modo de compatibilidade, e selecione o sistema nativo do drive q no caso e o win XP e faça os teste para outro sistema caso apresente algum erro, espero ter ajudado

  1. Hello, dear friends! Leave your illusions about the HP Desk Jet printer 3940, 392 and others. The HP firm refuses to support its products so that we can buy new printers and give them profits. I recommend switching to Chinese and Korean equipment, since with their products are drivers for all operating systems. They care and are interested in customers.

  2. They have retired HP Printer 3920, and no drivers available. I have HP 3920 which is in very good working order but cannot use it for want of a driver.
    Even when you buy an HP ink cartridge you can print only less than 200 sheets of A4 papers whereas you pay the same price as before when you could print at least 400 pages.
    I will never buy HP products again.

  3. HP is a big cheat. I have Deskjet 3920. As Windows 7 or later versions do not support it, I have to discard this printer although it is in good condition. I have another later model HP deskjet 2050 and this too does not work now as available software does not download. So, I have to discard this one too.


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