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HP Deskjet 3920 Color Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet 3900 Series full driver

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HP Deskjet 3920 Color Inkjet Printer – Software and Drivers


Deskjet 3900 Series software solution

Release details

File name: 3900_enu_win2k_xp.exe

Released: Sep 19, 2005

Version: 60.051.641


File Size : 45.42 Mb

Fix and Enhancements
FEAD compression on the original web-downloads required a user to have at least 128MB of RAM to unpack. This release fixes that by lowering the RAM requirement to 64MB which matches the box specs.

7 thoughts on “Hp Deskjet 3920 Driver

    • @Ayush – Having the same problem compatibility issue only works for windows 10. The printer system req. is win xp. If you find any solution please message me. Thanks

      • ola @Ayush, para utilizar software de outra versao utilize a compatibilidade do sistema, clicando com o botão direito sobre o arquivo exe em seguida compatibilidade,marque a opcao executar em modo de compatibilidade, e selecione o sistema nativo do drive q no caso e o win XP e faça os teste para outro sistema caso apresente algum erro, espero ter ajudado

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