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  1. Thanks for being here, I have a M1522n printer I bought in 1998 and I changed PC and OS (wisndows10 64bits) and of course the original DVD installation doesn’t work. The HP support dumped me when I asked for support (I was looking for the EMEA file for this printer) because my perfectly workink printer was too old….. No comments on this “policy”. Thank you guys.

  2. Hi to you!
    In Win 7, I would like to use my HP Laserjet 5 L printer with a conversion cable / USB on the machine / but it doesn’t work. Almost new toner. Win XP was working with serial output, but I changed the machine and only has USB output. Please help.

  3. I have a laserjet M11212nf which I am trying to print double sided docs on, sometimes it does it forr a few pages then reverts to single and sometimes it ignores the custom print seettings, ie. 11-20, and keeps printingg 5-17 with some printed on the wrong sequence, what is going on, I tried to download new drivers but ended up getting a copy of the original?


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