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HP Print and Scan Doctor Download for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Vista/XP/Windows 10 (Update : May 22, 2019)

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The HP Print and Scan Doctor was designed by HP to provide users with troubleshooting and problem solving features needed to resolve many common problems experienced with HP print and scan products connected to Windows-based computers. Simply run the tool and follow the on-screen instructions.

Release details :
Released: May 22, 2019
File name: HPPSdr.exe
Version :

Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

File Size :9.21Mb

Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit), Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)

Fix and enhancements:This updated version of the HP Print and Scan Doctor adds support for Windows 10, and enhanced troubleshooting help for selected issues.


File Size : 4.7 MB

For detail drivers please visit HP Official Site [ here ]

21 thoughts on “HP Print and Scan Doctor”

  1. I have been unable to download Print & Scan Doctor, v. 4.6. Each time I try, I get a dialog box that the download failed.

  2. Larry,

    I too have the same problem. I am running V4.3 on Win 7. I am informed there is an update when I go to download it is interrupted and fails.



  3. I have an older system running Win XP Home SP3. I can download HPPSDr.exe (the installer for HP Print and Scan Doctor), but when I run it, after it completes Extracting, it immediately crashes. So I can’t even install the Print and Scan Doctor, let alone run it. It also crashes when I attempt to install it through HP’s Automatic Updates.

  4. Just bought printer in Spring. Worked fine until now. Cannot download HP Print and Scan Doctor. Comes up with a screen that asks did I want the HP site? NO! Just give me the software so I can diagnose the printer problem!!! Cannot print or copy!!!

  5. My Hp printer is locked up. Will not print from computer When I click on it it says it is “deleting” but nothing is happening.

  6. The system asks for a password for my printer when I try to print from my iPad, where can I retrieve my password? I have even changed my password, but it keeps telling me it is not the right one! What can I do?

  7. I recently accepted an upgrade on my I-pad and have lost my printing capability. I have an HP ENVY 4501 printer and need help getting my printer to work.

  8. Whenever I try to run the Print and Scan Doctor, I get a message that an instance of this application is already running. Is it possible that a copy is running that I cannot see? How do I locate it to stop or finish it? I am running a Dell Inspiron 15 with WIN 10 and trying to print to my HP Officejet Pro 8630.

  9. I had to restart several times, each time being told “another copy is already running” before I could proceed. Then I was told that it wasn’t compatible with Windows 64-bit. When I clicked on the button to download an update it came up with a full progress bar that said 0 minutes left to download 0 bytes, and hung. I gave up. I don’t understand why HP printers can’t just talk to the built in printer device manager in Windows.

  10. I am using Linux Mint 18 and hp LaserJet Pro MFP M125nw (black).
    Want to SCAN color also; expecting the result in colorDigits.

  11. i am trying to download the scan and print dr. when i click “accept” to the material i am supposed to read and agree to, that is the end of the road. i see the writers above this “leave a reply” box not only have problems too, but also note that it seems like there quite a few of them. i hope you can work on that, because i would like to have the hppsdr.exe file to be able to solve my own problems with it.

  12. Minha HP 3630, multifuncional, só imprime pelo celular, pelo computador não imprime só scanea. o que eu faço?????????????????

  13. Thanks for giving good information about HP Print and Scan Doctor Download for Windows. I am using HP printer. I did not know the download and Install process. I found that information using your post.


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